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How to Buy a Bike Online? >>

So you’ve decided that you want to buy a particular motorbike / bicycle. So you need some advice on finding a good deal and steps required to ensure you get a good deal. With plenty of bargains to be found on Bikes Daily some used bikes will obviously had an exciting past, so do your homework before you decide you are going to spend your hard earned dollars on a bike you have your heart set on.. Please note: the steps below are outlining the steps involved with the purchase of a motorbike although alot of the steps can be applied to bicycles as well..

Plenty of research is key: Read road tests, talk to knowledgeable friends and do a bit of research on make/models you are interested in and see what you can find. Don’t worry too much if you find a few negative comments on an enthusiasts’ website.. but make up an entire view of what you want from the advice of others.

You’ve contacted the seller and arranged a visit: Make the following check list.

• How long has the owner had the bike?
• How many owners has the bike had?
• Is there any outstanding finance agreement?
• How many Kilometer has clocked up?
• Is there damage to the bike?
• How long is left on the tax disc?
• Servicing history?
• Most Bikes now come with anti-theft devises and immobiliser Ensure you get a second set of keys with the buy.
• Does the condition of the bike match the km.
• Check for rust and oil and water leaks.
• Check for fuel, oil and water leaks.
• Check speedo, rev indicator, lights and horn all working?
• Check the clutch system.
• Check for any holes, rust or corrosion.
• Take out the dipstick. Oil level should be between max and min and oil golden colour not dark brown.
• Check chain and sprockets for wear.
• Check tyres for wear.

The Pitfalls To Watch Out For?>>

Buying a bike beyond your skill and experience level: You could hurt yourself, your passengers or worse.

Buying a bike that's too tall or not tall enough: Bikes should fit your exact height.

Buying a bike without having it checked out in advance: Be very wary of frame damage. Make a visual inspection of the chain and motor.

Buying a motorcycle without seeing or inspecting: That’s just asking for trouble.

Buying a used bike without a REVS check: There could be finance owning on the bike you should check this before making any sort of automobile purchase.

Buying a used high performance bike: This is particularly true for new commers , the last thing you want to do is make a big purchase on a bike that's beyond your ability to control.

Buying a used, foreign-made bike: Some foreign made motorbikes are expensive for parts and maintenance. Some bikes are the exception such as Harleys which are a motorbike in class of its own.

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